Villa Valguarnera is one of Italy’s most outstanding National Historic Landmarks. The 2 to 3 hours long emotional visit of the buildings and the park starts from the monumental gate of Villa Valguarnera, through the Garden of the Kaffee-Haus, which served as a prototype to the architect Schinkel for the Sicilian Garden of the Royal Palace in Sans Souci near Berlin, up to the esoteric path through the exotic garden until the summit of the Urania Hill.

One focus of the visit is on the important botanical species featured in the Floretta(see THE GARDEN) as well as on the birth of biodynamic agriculture, discovered by Rudolf Steiner at Villa Valguarnera thanks to his friend the Duke of Salaparuta, pioneer of vegetarian diets and great uncle of the present Princess.

The Visit of the interiors will allow guests to discover the stately rooms of Marianna Ucrìa, of Francesco Algarotti (the inspirer of Frederik II of Prussia), of the Zodiac, of Newton, of Captain Cook, the hall of Hercules, the “Room of the Living Dead”, the libraries with their over 15 thousand volumes, the large terraces with breathtaking views of the sea, the symbolic meanings of the decorations and the stories of the illustrious people who lived in the residence, from European royalty to General Patton, from great writers such as Goethe and Stendhal, to famous film figures like Jean Renoir, Visconti, Anna Magnani and many others.

Part of the tour is also dedicated to the Panaria Film, the most important Sicilian Film Company, founded by Francesco Alliata, the princess’s late father.

At the end of the visit guests can choose between:

Apéritif renforcé with home made delicacies and a glass of prosecco

Buffet lunch, served in the hall of Iside or on the terraces, with a choice from The Duke’s Table, the fusion of ayurveda and sicilian cuisine known as “gastrosophy” and fresh dairy and vegetable produce from the estate

Stately Lunch / Dinner seated and served by the princess’ staff as in the XVIIIth century, in the monumental dining room, with live violin and piano entertainment, at an imperial table with unique baroque dishes from the estate’s organic produce prepared by the family chef, French champagne and exclusive Sicilian wines.

All profits from the sale of Villa Valguarnera products, tours and events are donated to the Panaria Film Non Profit Fund, which is aimed at the conservation, maintenance, promotion and compatible use of the Estate.